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Solutions For Stress (with Marcus Spaur)

November 29, 2021 Drew Boa
Husband Material
Solutions For Stress (with Marcus Spaur)
Show Notes

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by stress? In this episode, Marcus Spaur explains the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress, why self-care is not selfish, and how to prepare for stress during the holidays!

Marcus Spaur is the founder of Between The Covers Coaching. He is also the Director of Care & Support at Husband Material, and a Certified Husband Material Coach. Email Marcus at

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34 Tips For Self-Care:
‣ Drink a cup of hot herbal tea
‣ Sit in the sun and notice the warmth on your skin
‣ Pet a cat
‣ Go for a walk
‣ Take five deep, slow breaths
‣ Tense all the muscles in your body, hold for 5 seconds, then release them
‣ Call a safe friend and share how you are feeling
‣ Give yourself a hug
‣ Do gentle yoga
‣ Pray
‣ Meditate on a comforting verse or scripture or an encouraging word
‣ Listen to soothing music
‣ Take a long, warm bubble bath
‣ Let a mint dissolve in your mouth and focus on its sensation and flavor
‣ Get up and move to another room or a different environment
‣ Journal what you are feeling
‣ Draw or paint
‣ Take your shoes off, go outside, and let your toes feel the earth beneath you
‣ Take a nap
‣ Put on comfortable clothes 
‣ Snuggle into a soft blanket
‣ Light a scented candle
‣ Turn off all your devices for 30 minutes, sit quietly and breathe
‣ Shift your posture
‣ Hug a loved one and don’t let go until you relax into their embrace
‣ Do something that made you happy as a child
‣ Laugh out loud
‣ Splash in a puddle
‣ Get a massage
‣ Connect with a supportive group: Bible study, small group, 12 step community
‣ Sing out loud
‣ Stretch
‣ Play on a playground
‣ Write down 10 things for which you have gratitude

—Excerpted from Altogether You Guided Journaling Worksheets (page 17) by Jenna Riemersma. Get more tips, videos, and free resources at

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