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Emotional Safety (with Alex Avila)

October 31, 2022 Drew Boa
Husband Material
Emotional Safety (with Alex Avila)
Show Notes

"Our most vital relational need is to be emotionally safe...we cannot truly connect with anyone if we don't feel safe in their presence." —Alex Avila

But what is emotional safety, exactly? How can you tell if a person or relationship is safe or unsafe? Christian therapist Alex Avila explains what it looks like to protect our hearts while giving and receiving "safer love."

S = Slow and soft
A = Appreciation
F = Feelings
E = Empathy
R = Responsibility

L = Listening
O = Openness
V = Validation
E = Empowerment

Alex A. Avila is a licensed professional counselor and certified sex addiction therapist who meets with men, women and couples to help them overcome trauma, connect emotionally in their relationships, and rewrite their sexual scripts. Alex also facilitates couple’s workshops and couple therapy intensives, men’s sexual recovery groups, and online relationship classes.

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