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From Pain To Purpose (with Rick Carlson)

October 10, 2022 Drew Boa
Husband Material
From Pain To Purpose (with Rick Carlson)
Show Notes

Rick Carlson spent years running from pain, hiding from others, and hating God... until everything changed. In this episode, Rick shares his story of prenatal trauma, physical differences, self-hatred, substance abuse, porn use, and his healing journey over the past 12 years.

"Your greatest pain can become your greatest purpose." —Rick Carlson

Rick Carlson is the founder of Comeback Coaching. As a Certified Husband Material Coach, Life Coach, and Pastor, Rick is passionate about walking with men who feel left behind or believe they are less valued. Rick specializes in coaching men who are overcoming various addictions. Rick's faith-based approach offers compassion for men to discover the deeper reasons for their struggles and outgrow unwanted sexual behaviors. His goals are to help men know that they matter and provide an opportunity for healing. Rick loves to see men make a comeback!

"Rick has helped me reframe and understand my porn use and compulsive sexual behavior not as the main problem, but as a pacifier, helping me get to the root issue that is underneath. He is real, relatable, and wise, and is willing to challenge you in the best possible way." —Daniel

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